Explanation of the Moop shapes and their three "alphabets"

My moop paintings involve the use of the moop shapes. The Moop shapes have phonetic values so that I can spell words. I created each shape as an artwork. I use these artworks in the making of the total painting artwork.

Each of the three “alphabets,” what I call sound systems has the same set of 21 “sound categories” separated by a space and each consisting of one or more related sounds and each being composed of one or more interchangeable moop shapes.

For example category 12 is "s" or "z." The three alphabets have respectively 4, 3 and 3 members in category 12. So when I need the "s" sound in writing a word on a moop painting I might choose from ten different shapes.


Click on any shape to get a blowup with the sound value.

The hovering system

The linearly connected system

The solid shape system


Our thanks to Kenji Kojima for helping to present the Moop shapes,
and to Dick Moores for help in connecting the alphabets to the main page.